Creeping Time

by Misteyes

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Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber I do not listen to a lot of symphonic metal, let alone stuff with operatic vocals. It often seems too contrived. But I really like Misteyes. Nice death metal vocals and really good song writing. The symphonic aspects do not sound cheap either. Top notch muscianship all around. Favorite track: Creeping Time.
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"Creeping Time" is the debut album of the "Light and Dark" metal band Misteyes

It also includes the performances of four very special guests: Björn "Speed" Strid (singer of Soilwork), Nicole Ansperger (violinist of Eluveitie and ex-Haggard), Roberto Pasolini (singer of Embryo) and Mattia Casabona (singer of Dead White Rose and Aspasia).


released April 8, 2016

All songs written, arranged and produced by Misteyes.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alessio Sogno at Alarm Studio (Turin, Italy).

Artwork by Design Overload (Alessandro "Dooms" Alimonti).

This is the Misteyes line-up that recorded "Creeping Time":

Irmin (Growl and Scream Vocals)
Ainwen (Clean and Opera Vocals)
Insanus (Lead Guitars)
Decadence (Rhythm Guitars)
Hyde (Piano, Synth and Orchestrations)
Hephaestus (Bass and Fretless Bass)
Krieger (Drums)



all rights reserved


Misteyes Turin, Italy

"Light and Dark Metal" band from Italy! First album "Creeping Time" out NOW under Maple Metal Records!

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Track Name: The Last Knell (Intro)

Track Name: Creeping Time

Lex universa est quae iubet nasci et mori

There is a law I cannot break
(The law of time)
I cannot turn back, go on and on

White turns to black, flesh turns to ashes
(Live only to die)
Nothing will remain, nothing can escape

Deadly deadly creeping time
All my life is your lie
When the dead-bell chimes
No-one will hear my cry!
Slowly slowly creeping time
Tell me when I will die
I will live in your dark rhymes
'till the end of lullaby!

When I realize I am falling down, down and down!
When I realize I can't stop the sand falling, of me remain only the bones!
One day I wake up and all is lost!
Memories and errors from the past can't help me now!
Time creeps away silently takes all your lifeblood!

A breathtaking silence, no-one around me
My lament echoes, but who listens?
The clock strikes, hear its death-knell
A blink of an eye and everything is in ruin
Another drop falls and turns to dust
If I look in the mirror will I recognize myself?

I am lost in this dream: this is the cost, this is my scream
Time is gone, my only certainty, I won't see the dawn, lost in eternity
See the clock, you can't stop, from the top you can only drop
No mourning, no flee... The next morning there won't be

Time takes away what life gives
(Everything is transitory)
I cannot defeat time, I must keep fighting

Everything changes, everything flows
(Nothing is eternal)
Now I look back in front of me
Track Name: Brains In A Vat

Touch the fire and you will burn, see the sky and it's blue
Feel the wind and it is cold ... See your own hands!
Nothing is certain in this life, you can’t see through this fog
Don’t you have the doubt that it’s only a trick, only an illusion?

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit, Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit
"Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real?
What if you were unable to wake from that dream?
How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?"

This world is not perfect so you can waste all your life
Trying to change it never understanding it’s not real
Your life is just a game, someone is playing with you
But the only one who lose is you!

Do you feel, your life is not yours?
You have been tricked
Do you feel, do you feel, your fate is already decided?
How can you say you are here and not a puppet in a God’s hands?
Or a brain in a vat? Or just a pixel in a screen?

Free your mind and understand this is a dream
Where you are lost!
You can’t get out, they control you letting you see
What you want to see!
This is a cage, there are no doors, everything is a lie
Everything is fake!
This is a film, just a simulation
But who is the director?

Cogito ergo sum, cogito ergo sum
"You are a slave, born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch
A prison for your mind. Welcome ... to the real world!"


How can you say you are here and not a puppet in a God’s hands?
Or a brain in a vat? Or just a pixel in a screen?
Touch the fire and you won’t burn!
See the sky and it’s not blue! Clean this fog!
Feel the wind, feel the wind and it’s not cold!

We are all brains, brains in a vat!
Track Name: Inside The Golden Cage

I am free!
I'm not like the Sun who has to rise and set
Day after day without any change
I am free!

I am in a golden cage
This is not freedom! My mind is chained!
I have no choices! I can't go away!
Freedom is an illusion! To have an illusion means to be free!
There's no space for madness! Inside this prison of thought!

We are half-dead but we killed our living side
'cause this is what they ask
We are half-dead proudly showing our dead side
To conform to this dead society

Blocked in this mental maze every effort is in vain
To think is so painful, it's better to conform
Liberty means responsibility but I choose the easiest path
Living like a dead, wandering in my mind
Bound in this golden cage!

But what is freedom? No-one will tell!
I can choose now! I won't go away!
A cell without bars! But the bars are in my mind!
I would not survive... Outside this prison of thought!

RUN ... RUN ... RUN ... RUN AWAY!
Look out the window, it's so dreadful and attractive what I see
But there, alone and frightened would you be happy again?

Time passes without a reason, there is no reason for the time to pass
I'm just like the Sun, blocked in its eternal cycle

Blocked in this mental maze every effort is in vain
To think is so painful, it's better to conform
When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free!
Track Name: Lady Loneliness

Sometimes you seem to disappear, but you always return to my heart
Now it’s time to talk with you, my dear friend …

I knew the pain of a broken heart, maybe I prefer your silence
In this night I’m meeting you, another time …

I can’t see you and I can’t feel you
I can’t touch you, my dark bride!
You can’t talk to me, you haven’t a real body
But I feel you … Lady Loneliness!

You are the ghost of my soul, I cannot escape from the prison
But there’s one thing that comfort me, you’ll not hurt me…

You are the lady of sad poets, you cover them with your black veil
And will I leave with you forever? I don’t know…

I can’t see you and I can’t feel you
I can’t touch you, my dark bride!
You can’t talk to me, you haven’t a real body
But I feel you … Lady Loneliness, Lady Loneliness!

If you are here, I cannot be overtaken by fear
Only this eternal silence is what can soothe my pain
In darkness I can find you, this time will be forever
Come! Come to me, my lady! Lady Loneliness!

I can’t see you and I can’t feel you
I can’t touch you, my dark bride!
You can’t talk to me, you haven’t a real body
But I feel you … Lady Loneliness!
Track Name: The Prey

Dead end! You can't escape
You lost! This is my hunt
Die! You are the prey
Follow the instinct, to survive!

Playing hide and seek with Death, you know who will win
Coward! You are mine!
You cannot escape the Fate, you know you are doomed
Don't look back! Surrender!

I don't know what keeps me going
I can't fall, he is behind me

I am your Dark Angel, I can see you alone and frightened!
Strength is leaving me, I feel his breath!
Patience is my virtue, the perseverance you don't have
I can't win! This hunt will go on!

PREY! When a human soul decay
OBEY! All I can do is pray
PREY! When light has gone away
OBEY! And the sky turns to gray
SLAIN! Here comes the rain
PAIN! Like a drill in my brain
SLAIN! Which is making me insane
Every effort is in vain

I'm blind, the path is so dark
My only aim is to survive!

You can't see me but I'm there
Run and never stop, so I can play my game
I only have one shot, but that's what I need
There's no place you can reach where you are safe

PREY! You won't win today
PAY! Till I'll continue to play
PREY! This time I won't obey
PAY! To kneel is not the way
SLAIN! I will break this chain
STRAIN! Peace is what I gain
SLAIN! I'll not escape again
Fear is no more my pain

I can’t see him but I feel him always behind me
And my instinct says to go on and on ‘cause I am the prey!

Now stop! Time is over
No more fear! I can see you!
Now understand... You have to come with me!
I’ll embrace my destiny! I am ready!
Track Name: Destroy Your Past

There are doors no one can open and the keys are hidden in your scars
There are errors you don’t want to see, there are voices you don’t want to hear!
Will the story be repeated again? Far whispers tell your faults!
There's a flame black like the night that burns your conscience

Leave the coffin of sorrow, free yourself from the weight of past
Entomb your bad memories! Destroy your past and embrace your rebirth!
Burn with hatred, leave everything behind
And never turn back! Destroy your past and embrace your rebirth!

Dig into your heart! You must deal with your demons!
Predator and victim, now I’m torn! Too faces pass before my eyes!
Will vengeance be redemption? Or will remorse consume me?
Suffocated by a sick feeling! That transforms the man in a beast!

Break the wall that divide your soul, in the pain you'll find yourself
Don't be slave of your feelings! Don't be slave of your past

Don't be slave of your feelings! Don't be slave of your past!
Don't be strangled by your weakness! Destroy your past and turn the page!
Track Name: The Demon Of Fear

Fear, fear... Has enslaved your world!
Hand, in hand with the human frailty!

Fear is all and nothing, cancer of the spirit
Torture of conscience, oppressive rooted emotion
Lethal illusion that consumes your soul
Irrational pessimism that crawls inside

Fear of the insects, fear of love
Of the unknown fate ... Everything seems black
Certainty cracks like a castle of paper
You can't see the light at the end of tunnel

In the blackest skies the angels wave your nights
Reason be your lantern in this impenetrable dark
Along the borders of life, deep ravines stay in ambush
Build your bridge and move around, freedom is waiting for you!

From the abyss of your mind, the demon of fear is awake
You can't break out, you will be enveloped and blind

Fear, fear ... Companion of my sleepless nights!
Tyrant, hangman! Why you fill my thoughts?

Fear is war with yourself, venom in the veins
Epitome of negativity, a trap on your path
The vulture that awaits your fall for annihilate
Your defenses collapse and you with them

Fear of the unlight, fear of the heights
Of the tight places... No one has not
It suffocates the dreams creating imaginary walls
The conviction gives and removes

Hell all around you, and you feel cold! A light that blinds you and hides the truth!
Do you dare to look in the mirror? Do you recognize your distorted image?

From the abyss of your mind, the demon of fear is awake
You can't break out, you will be enveloped and blind

This is the mark of fear!
Fear has many eyes, it can see deep in you
It finds your weaknesses and uses against you
When you'll stand up to its gaze and break the chains
The only fear you'll have is fear itself!
Track Name: A Fragile Balance (Awake The Beast - Part 1)

The mask I wear covers a monster!
It devours my soul, who is the true me now?

I can see in your deep
Even if you wear a mask tear it down and reveal your true side!

A fire burns inside, the fire of chaos
And I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame

A scream inside, only I can hear it!
I know it’s bad, but I’m tempted… tempted by it!

Here in darkness, only you and me
You can't escape, let the light die down and awake the beast!

A fire burns inside of me, the fire of chaos
And I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame
Track Name: Chaos (Awake The Beast - Part 2)

Destroy this fiction, enjoy my freedom!
Suppress reason ... Now I'm only instinct!
Awake the beast!

Release me! Release me!
I have been here enchained for ages getting stronger and stronger!
I have been here enchained for ages and now it's my turn to play!

You can't get rid of me!
I'm an hydra, cut one head off and two will grow then!
Close the door, leave all the world outside And tell me: who are you?
Let the light die down and wake the beast!

The core is naked, my soul unveiled
Get lost in chaos ... You'll find yourself
I am pure madness, a beast of endless hunger
You fed me with your hate

Rip this Veil of Maya, irrationality breaks out!
Let it flow into you, see through its eyes!
Now it's chaos!

Release me! Release me!
The monster has now to come out from his cave and reveal his true identity!
The monster has now to come out from his cave, will they be scared of the real me?

Deep in the core, deep in my soul
A new conscience, ancient and forgotten
It broke the stone, reborn from its grave
Eyes open again... This is its time


Destroy this fiction, enjoy my freedom!
Suppress reason ... Now I'm only instinct!
Awake the beast! AWAKE THE BEAST!
Track Name: Decapitated Rose

Innocence was drained from your soul, rottenness grows inside you
The worms are digging in the heart a grave of sins never told

A bud in youth … Destined to be the most beautiful flower
A rose then … But with corrupted roots!
What now? Only a faded memory of what you were
And see! Now you are the monster you tried to destroy!

When life is withered ...There is no water which can bring it back!
Ivy smothers your soul! Petals fall and you are alone!
All beauty is gone! Only the thorn is what remains!
In this garden of madness ... Decapitated rose! Decapitated rose!

No lie, no truth can save you from the time guillotine
Blood from blood! Hate from hate! This perfect circle is finally closed

You fall into the abyss! Now see, there is no end!
No ground, no past to lean on, to get up and start up again!
Bound in this madness! Smothered by your sins!

Watching the years run away, feeling the wind on dry skin
Hearing the whispers of past life, searching a shelter from Death

"No tree, it is said, can grow to Heaven, unless its roots reach down to Hell"

In the hourglass...
Every grain that drops is a piece of you who's dying
Every moment that passes is a scar on your skin
A flower in the desert... A flower in the desert!
A decapitated rose!
Track Name: Winter's Judgment

"Dread Winter spreads his latest glooms, and reigns, tremendous, o'er the conquer'd Year.
How dead the vegetable kingdom lies! How dumb the tuneful! Horror wide extends his desolate domain!"

Cruel as death, hungry as the grave!

Life falls in cold sleep, into Winter's embrace
Stern judge of weak souls, his mantle covers all hope

A scream of feral rage breaks the mild morning!
Lord of hibernation! Lord of preservation!

With his white beard and his strong voice he looks the work done
He removes the human's warmth from the fragile Creation

Humans fall at his feet ... This is Winter’s judgment!

Prisoner tormented by the Season, the will shall be your fire
The coldness freezes the words and the thoughts
Winter is a cruel judge, he has no pity for the weak
He brings the living things at their twilight ... Will the men survive?

Life shall die in silence and from silence it's reborn
Hear the wild cold wind, it whispers your death sentence

Haunted by the plague of frost, Hear his growing roar!
A never-ending challenge ... A never-ending torture!

His wrath unleashed in violent snowfall, this becomes your tomb of ice
He roars like an angry beast, immortal like the mountains

His embrace smothers all the creatures
No salvation, even told so the preachers
Bow to his presence or wither
Glorify his majesty, even your soul will shiver
The destroyer of all the beauty! When he arrives, everything is motionless!
Light perishes and darkness rises! He is alive when death reigns!

But this destruction has a purpose, to sweep away all that is weak and sick
And to lay the foundations of a new birth!
Now, you see the dawn! This, is the circle end!
And the start of a new one! Be ready … He will come again!
Winter was a cruel judge, no weak survived
Remember this lesson, but next time … will you survive?